• The Relocation site of Petrochemical Plant coking plant, steel mills, Insecticide factory , gas station in the city , Solid waste accumulation in mining and industrial dust pollution,Soil pollution caused by informal garbage, such as a number of reasons, cause a large amount of organic matter pollution, heavy metal pollution and legacy of organic matter and heavy metals compound pollution.The harmful and active substances in the soil exceed the self-purification ability of the soil, resulting in the physical, chemical and biological changes of the soil.

  • Vertical mill used in slag grinding, with high drying ability. In the system, mill inlet smoke air temperature approximate 250¡æ, outlet exhaust gas temperature about 100¡æ, water content 8£¥ slag could be used for drying. Vertical mill output high, single equipment capacity could reach to 1 million above. Vertical mill could compact crush in layers of vitreous body, so that energy utilization ratio could improve highly. Vertical mill slag grinding system unit power consumed 45¡«55kW¡¤h/t when slag have been ground into 400m2/kg surface area.

  • Adopt German powder cutting technologies, through our development, research, experimental and equipment assembly which formed a set of standard super fineness micro powder production line.

  • Lime Rotary Kiln nickname roller kiln, advanced structure, reliable rotary kiln lime kiln sealed at both ends combined scales. Air leakage coefficient is less than 10% of the composite refractory material, in order to reduce radiation heat loss.

  • The process realize the separation of oil, sludge and water. Mounted design, 20 feet standard container combination, specified with 5 cubic / hour, 10 cubic / hour configuration. Relevant emission meet national requirements.