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LCDRI-101 Soil remediation TT

Soil remediation Thermal desorption

Product Description

The soil treatment system developed by our company which belongs to the closed cycle system has the characteristics of high heat efficiency, low energy consumption and low pollution; compared with some domestic and foreign thermal desorption system, our equipment is simple, small occupation area, less investment, stable running, simple and convenient operation, high efficiency of soil remediation save a lot of time. And also adopt automatic control and real-time monitoring, to reduce the number of workers and skilled operation requirements, and ensure sufficient residence time of harmful gas in the combustion chamber, thus eliminating the secondary pollution in soil remediation process, the operation cost is low compared with land fill or direct heating incineration, and after the restoration of the soil can be used again to achieve the aim of high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation, environmental protection objectives, suitable for promotion use.

 Process flow

Organic pollution soil will be fed into baking chamber by transport device, close feed opening; clean fuel will be burned and produce hot gas in the combustion, hot gas temperature is 600~750℃, flow out from combustion, and then enter heating line, rotary kiln will rotate and bring combustion rotation, through indirect heating make organic pollution soil temperature reach to 550℃ above, keeping heating 6-9 minutes, organic pollution will be evaporated and separated.

    During the heating, the separated organic pollution and water content will be exhausted,through gas inlet enter combustion until complete desorption, after burning, the flue gas and hot gas will be exhausted from combustion outlet, and then enter heating line, organic pollution soil will be heated indirectly by flue gas and hot gas, exhaust from heating line, enter to bag house inlet.

    The treated soil will discharge from material outlet, through cooling machine inlet material enter into the gas separation type rotary cooling machine, the heated soil will fully exchange with cold gas be way of cooling machine rotation, the generated hot gas discharged from the air outlet of cooling machine, enter into the burning furnace then can be used as secondary hot gas, the treated and cooled soil will be discharged from the cooling machine outlet and recycling.

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